Facials  &  Medi Spa Treatments

Deluxe Facial

Includes, skin analysis, deep cleanse, exfoliate, vapour,  face and shoulder massage, mask, moisturise and protect. 

$85    1hr

Extractions $10 extra

Luxury Facial

Beginning with a half hour back and shoulder massage to help you relax and continues on to a Deluxe Facial to give you the best of both worlds

$99    1.5hrs

Express Facial

The express facial works in well with a busy lifestyle.  This is tailored to your needs.

$60  30min

Eye Treatment- 

Look after those tired eyes with this refreshing eye treatment. 

$30 20min         

Add on to your facial for $25

Lip Treatment  $25

For more Anti-Ageing services

see - Medi Spa Page

Dermalift - Non Surgical Face Lifts

Enjoy a fresh firmer complexion. The Dermalift provides help with improving numerous skin conditions due to simulating the heart pulsing (frequency) as the micro-currents penetrate and deliver a signal to the cellular level of the human body called a "Biological Chemical" effect. It quietly penetrates into the muscle's so you can regain that firm smooth, fresher contoured look It improves the skin texture and gives your complexion a more youthful appearance..


$100 1hr  treatment

10 weekly treatments are required for maximum results 

Collagen Facial

Includes Skin analysis, deep cleanse, exfoliate, vapour, massage , moisturise. Mask with Myoxinol Collagen Mask. This freeze dried collagen mask contains and delivers active ingredients and is excellent for dry, sensitive skin smoothing fine lines and wrinkles leaving you with a youthfully fresh complexion.

$130  1hr









A deeper polish than traditional exfoliation to reveal new skin using a diamond tip for a cut & polish effect to the upper layers of the skin to gently resurface. Especially good for smoothing out fine lines and removing blackheads. Along with gentle suction, it is the perfect deep pore cleansing for skin with long term congestion. 

Several treatments are needed to achieve the required results, this varies according to your individual skin needs.

$80  45min

Youth Elixir 

the 02 Oxygen Therapy Facial 

Pure oxygen is the latest weapon of choice for celebrities looking to keep signs of ageing at bay – with our modern lifestyle increasingly choked with stress and pollution, this is truly a breath of fresh air.


HeritageHealers’ Oxygen Therapy delivers an abundance of pure oxygen gas, vitamins and minerals to the skin at the cellular level, boosting collagen formation and effectively rebuilding the skin from the inside out.

The result is immediately smoother, hydrated and plump skin with a glowing youthful radiance. Fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines disappear – a natural facelift!

$170.00 per treatment

Packages available : Buy 5 treatments @ $800

                                     Buy 10 treatments @1500

Payright available - interest free over 3,6 or 12 months