Hot Stone Massage


This massage uses ancient volcanic

stones chosen for their high energy

levels and ability to retain a soft

constant heat. The warm stones

are used to massage the whole

body boosting blood circulation

and revitalising the body with

mineral energy. 

This is a massage you will never

want to end.


$89 1hr

Swedish Massage


The ultimate indulgence pampers

every inch of your body, it improves

the circulation, clears the mind and

reveals a relaxed, rejuvenated overall

sense of well-being.


$79  1hr

Deluxe Aromatherapy Massage

Combining aromatherapy with 

Swedish massage techniques

on specific points of the body

to relax, relieve aches and pains

while soothing the senses.

Choose from a selection of

essential oils on offer.


$80 1hr

Head, Back & Shoulder 


 A relaxing half hour massage that

concentrates on the most overworked parts of the body, 

the shoulders, arms and back.

Palm and finger pressure is used

 with selected essential oils to 

stimulate the lymph system and 

re-balance the energy 

pathways of the back and

shoulders releasing stress and 



$49  30min

Couples Massage


Choose from either a Swedish or Hot Stone

Massage and enjoy the experience together.



$170   per couple-1 hr.

Complete Body Polish

Body polish followed by a

decadent body butter leaving your skin

feeling silky smooth.

Body Polish also recommended the day

prior to spray tanning.


$60  45min

High tae_edited.jpg
High Tea
Add a decadent High tea to any couples massage.   
$70 per couple
(Min. 7 days notice required)