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About our ingredients

Our holistic ingredient philosophy is a synergy of ancient healing wisdoms and modern skin science.

At heritagehealers we are committed to using natural ingredients of the highest quality and effectiveness, derived from enviro-friendly renewable resources, to work in beautiful synergy with your skin so you can enjoy a pure natural skin care that really works.

Our on-going goal is to bring together the benefits of our healing therapies and pure organic bases, with the latest anti-ageing actives; all combined in synergistic formulas that will deliver great results on every skin type, naturally.

Healing Essences

All our core skincare products are infused with our natural therapy, a unique combination of wildflower essences we call the Ether remedy.

Our naturopaths venture deep into the bush to gather the essence of these native wildflowers, embracing the ancient healing heritage of aboriginal Australia. This remedy works through each product restoring balance and harmony, to give you radiant, beautiful, naturally stress-free skin.

Certified Organic

Every ingredient we use in our formulations is of the highest quality, with most of our herbals now formally Certified Organic - we know the natural healing qualities and efficacy of these herbals grown and harvested under certified organic farming methods are better, and the results are reflected in our skin health.

Skincare Technology

And let’s not forget the science - our formulations embrace the latest skincare technology, using state of the art anti-ageing actives and unique effective delivery systems, to give your skin all the high performance essentials needed to stay looking younger, for longer.

Care for our animal friends and the Planet

In alignment with our holistic approach, all products and packaging are Earth friendly. We do not test on animals, and we continually strive to source from suppliers that practice sustainable organic production and processing methods.

Our Holistic Approach :-

Discover your Ayurvedic Element

What is your ayurvedic element?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian Sanskrit word meaning 'wisdom of life'.

Simply stated, Ayurveda teaches us that balance is the key to good health and youthful beauty.

Inspired by the Ayurvedic elements of nature - Earth, Water, Fire and Air - we have created a unique range of natural healing therapies that work to restore your inner balance.

Your personal wildflower essences, crystal energised aromatherapy oils and healing herbals, are all designed to reduce stress, enhance and maintain the positive qualities of YOUR element, and dissolve imbalances; the result is a renewed vitality, energy and well-being, helping you to look and feel more youthful - live a beautiful life !  


Below is a description of our elemental persona's.

What element do you think you are ? find out on completion of our questionnaire prior to your facial treatment. 


Freedom of Expression - Sociable - Intellectual

Positive qualities: Good communicators, sociable and people oriented. Mentally active and logical. Ability to handle ideas, words and concepts.
Pattern of imbalances: Overly rational and intellectual, continually thinking & analyzing. Easily bored by too much routine.


Contented - Practical - Stable

Positive qualities: Focused, realistic, conventional, sensible, consistent, has fortitude and a mature outlook. Grounded, reliable and security orientated.
Pattern of imbalance: Conservatism, stagnancy, boredom, fault-finding, resenting risk and change, insecurity and depression.


Sensitively aware - Emotional - Intuitive

Positive qualities: Sensitive, compassionate, creative, nurturing, helpful. Great empathy and very perceptive.
Pattern of imbalance: Hypersensitive, too dependent, vulnerable, impressionable. Can let emotions rule, lots of tears !


Energetic - Enthusiastic - Goal oriented

Positive qualities: Outgoing, active and hard working. Optimistic, challenge orientated, inspirational, dynamic, friendly, generous, youthful in spirit.
Pattern of imbalance: Insensitive, impatient, quick tempered and irritable - 'volcanic'. Will take on too much, sometimes resulting in 'burn out'.

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